Freight Rail Security Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Join BNSF Railway’s Chief of Policy Bryan Laurie as he discusses the critical aspects of securing freight rail operations against various security threats. Learn challenges the freight industry has faced with the rising threat of cargo theft and what steps BNSF has taken to prevent and overcome. Take away best practices you can apply to your trucking operation and learn how to work with the rail industry for a secure supply chain.

Claims & Security Departments - A Collaborative Approach

Join two leading industry security professionals as they discuss how claims and security departments can collaborate to build a success security and loss prevention program. Learn what works best for their respective companies and answer your questions on best approaches to build a secure culture.  

Defending Against Cargo Theft: Collaboration with Law Enforcement (Closed To Media)

The trucking industry faces a range of threats from strategic theft to straight theft and organized crime rings targeting cargo. Join this session to explore how the industry is adapting to defend itself. Learn about the importance of fostering strong relationships with law enforcement to enhance recovery efforts and prevent future thefts. Gain insights from law enforcement perspectives on the evolving threat landscape of cargo theft, discover best practices for prevention, and develop effective strategies for collaboration with law enforcement agencies.

Strategic Theft & The Climate of Cargo Security

Strategic theft continues to be on the rise and thieves continue to adapt new identify-theft techniques to steal your freight. in this session, Scott Cornell will discuss a wide range of topics including fraud, fictitious pick-ups, and double-brokering scams. Learn ways to protect your company and freight from being the victim.